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How To Play

For each Tournament in your League, you select up to 10 players as your team for that Tournament.
Your Team whill go head to head with other people in your League. Standings are based on the total "Official Money" earned by the players on your team.


When you first register, you are automatically entered in the "Against The World" League. Your weekly picks will go head to head with Other users of the App.
Entry and Play in the "Against The World" League is free.

Creating Your Own Leagues

You can create your own Leagues by using the "Create a League" Button on the "My Leagues" Screen. Creating a League requites an In App Purchase, and the price for creating that League is based on the number of Tournaments you include in the League. You select the Tournaments you widh to include by selecting the appropriate tournament in the list of Tournaments on the "Create a League" Screen.
The Purchase Price for your League will be displayed on that screen as Tournaments are selected.

Once you hvae created your League, you will be provided with a unique League Id and League Password. You use the League ID and League Password when you invite other people into your League.
The people you invite, can then join your League by using the "Join a League" Button, and entering the League ID and League Password.

Joining a League

If you have been invited to join a League, you can join that League by using the "Join a League" Button.
Enter the League ID and League Password you were provided when you were invited to join.
Joining a League may also require an In App Purchase depending on the number of Tournaments that were included in that League when it was created. You will be provided the Purchase Price of Joining that League before you decide to check out.

Making Your Picks For Tournaments in Your League

The Pick Players Screen

For each Tournament, you pick your team using the "Pick Players" screen.
The field for that Tournament is displayed, and you simply tap the Players you want on your tem from that list.
Please note, that occasionally, Players will withdraw from the tournament, and it is up to you to check back, and ensure that your Players have not withdrawn.
Additionally, you can elect to receive Field Update emails by requesting them on the "Settings" screen.
You can view Year-to-Date results an Rankings for each of the Players by simply clicking on the "information" Icon at the right side for each Player.

League Standings

The Standings Screen

You can view the Standings for your League in Real-Time while play is in progress!
No more waiting till the Tournament is over to see how you've done.
In addition, if your League contains multiple tournaments, you can view the overall Standings by selecting the "Season Totals" option from the "Touch Here to Select Tournament" Button.
You can also view the results from previous Tournaments by selecting the appropriate Tournament from that Screen as well.
A more detailed view of your team, and the current standings and money earnings of the Players on your Team, can be viewed by clicking on the Team Item on the main "Standings" Screen.

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